Cleopatra Social Club is a coffee shop in Barcelona that offers a wide range of strains, games, and other services for an enjoyable pastime to get.

Cleopatra Cannabis Club Review

Barcelona is one of the most tourist destinations in the world. Thousands of people all over the world come here to see its sightseeing attractions. However, today this beautiful town lures people with its cannabis clubs that are famous for their high-quality products provided. In this article, you’ll get insights into the cannabis culture and find out more about coffee shop Barcelona, get details about Cleopatra cannabis club that is one of the best weed cafes in Spain.

Marihuana in Barcelona: Fast Facts

Before the overlook of Cleopatra cannabis club, let’s set things straight about the laws and regulations about cannabis usage in Spain. Knowing the rules, your rights and restrictions, regulations will help you to avoid the problems with the law in case you plan a weed tour to Barcelona. Let’s check all the dos and don’ts when it comes to cannabis in Spain.

So, let’s elaborate on the legislative limitations about cannabis usage and what you are not allowed to do:

  • Selling and/or buying cannabis;
  • Storing marijuana products;
  • Consumption of cannabis products in open view and/or in publicly accessible areas.

However, cannabis is legalized and decriminalized in Spain. Herewith, some things are allowed including:

  • Membership in cannabis clubs and usage weed products within its walls;
  • Possession of a small amount of cannabis for personal use;
  • Cultivation of up to 2 plants in the private place;
  • Consumption cannabis privately so that nobody sees you.

Keep in mind that selling and buying cannabis products are considered criminal offenses and if somebody offers you to buy marijuana on the street it’s illegal. Besides, it can be really dangerous for your health because no one controls the quality of cannabis products. There are specially designed places like coffee shops or cannabis clubs for getting some weed. Stay on the safe side and consume cannabis at such places only.

You should know that frequent use of marijuana leads to resistance to its important and active compounds, such as THC. Read more about cannabis tolerance.


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Coffee Shops in Barcelona: Rules and Membership

At the very beginning, let’s define what cannabis clubs in Barcelona are so that you have an idea of how they work, what rules you should mind, etc.

What is a Cannabis Club?

Buying and selling of cannabis products in Spain are prohibited by the law, that’s why there are such establishments as cannabis clubs where visitors can get and consume marijuana legally and safely. Weed cafes are regulated by the government and, thus, you can be sure of the quality of the products. Yet, don’t mix up coffee shops in Barcelona and in Amsterdam. In Barcelona, it’s more social clubs that are closed member-only organizations. Herewith, you can’t just enter it when passing by it.

Cannabis Club Membership: Is It Possible?

Though cannabis clubs are closed organizations, there is a chance to join any club. Meet the entry requirements and follow basic rules to become a member. Here are some demands to be met for this purpose:

  • You are to be of legal age (18-21+ years old) that can vary depending on the cannabis club rules;
  • You must demonstrate any government-issued photo identification. It can be anything like a valid ID card, passport, driver’s license, or any other document with your photo;
  • It’s required to provide a valid Spanish address, yet, a hotel or temporary accommodation address are permitted;
  • Referral or sponsor is a must. Yes, it’s obligatory to be recommended by a true member of the same club.


One of the best weed cafes in Spain

Cleopatra Cannabis Club Details

Why should you choose Cleopatra cannabis club among the other smoking clubs in Barcelona? Here you will get not only a high service and wide range of strains but a unique and relaxing atmosphere, friendly staff that is ready to help and/or give expert advice. Besides the smoking tools and excellent weed products in the assortment, the club offers table and video games, several TVs, background music, a bar, and snacks.

The club has a large area with a well-designed interior and stylish branded furniture. There are a lot of tables of different sizes so that you can chill out alone or with a big company of friends. There are comfortable sofas and chairs to make you relax and enjoy every moment of your high. There is a full-service bar is available so that the guests of the club can order drinks, snacks, etc. Cleopatra cannabis club provides everything needed for a really pleasant pastime to get.